Create SSRS Report

Create SSRS Report

Please go through below steps :

1. In Visual Studio File -> New Project to create new project.

Create SSRS Report-1

2. In New Project Window select Business Intelligence Projects and then select either Report Server Project Wizard or Report Server Project.

3. It shows Report Wizard Dialog Box.

4. Click on, Next Button. Now we are going to Select the Data Source. We can also connect to other data sources like Oracle, XML etc .Here we select (use) Microsoft SQL Server.Create SSRS Report-4

5. Select Edit Button to configure details, related to our database like Server name, Log on to the server and Connect to database. After that we can verify it with ‘Test Connection‘ to check whether connection is done successfully or not.Create SSRS Report-5















6. Then click on Ok button. Now you can Design the Query using Query Builder or you can use simple query. We are going to use Simple query. It is given below.Create SSRS Report-6

You can find used query below:

SELECT FirstName + ‘ ‘ + MiddleName + ‘ ‘ + LastName as Name,AddressLine1 as     Address,City,Name AS State,PostalCode
FROM Person.Person
INNER JOIN Person.BusinessEntityAddress on Person.Person.BusinessEntityID = Person.BusinessEntityAddress.BusinessEntityID
INNER JOIN Person.Address on Person.BusinessEntityAddress.AddressID = Person.Address.AddressID
INNER JOIN Person.StateProvince ON Person.Address.StateProvinceID=Person.StateProvince.StateProvinceID
WHERE MiddleName is not null
AND City = ‘Seattle’

7. Select the Report Type Dialogue Box will open. Select Tabular Report type.Create SSRS Report-7

8. In next step (Design the Table) we can select Available fields and Display Fields in which area (like Page, Group, and Details), we want fields to show.
We are going to show all fields in details section.Create SSRS Report-8-1

Create SSRS Report-8-2

9. In Next step Choose the Table Style to select Report Table Style. Here it is selected to State.Create SSRS Report-9

10. Clicking on next will give Completing the Wizard where we will give Report Name.
Here you can see All details which we had given in earlier steps in Report summary.Create SSRS Report-10

11. Click on Finish button. First SSRS Report is completed.
You can see the report design screen as below. Also we can change Report Design or Data Source details here.We can Preview Report by click on button Preview.Create SSRS Report-11

12. You can also Export Report to PDF, Excel, HTML, Word, CSV, TIFF File.
Create SSRS Report-12

Congratulations!Our First SSRS report is completed.