Create a Data Source in SSAS

In this article, I will show you how to Create a Data Source in SSAS.

Before starting this,Download AdventureWorksDW2012 database from below link:

After completion of download, attach that database into your SQL Server 2012.

1. Now open Visual Studio 2010.

2. Then go to File –>  New –> Project.

2-Create a Data Source in SSAS

3. A New Project Window opens. In that select Business Intelligence from Installed Templates. Then select Analysis Services Multidimensional and Data Mining Project.Also give Name of project i.e. StartSSAS.

3-Create a Data Source in SSAS

Then click on OK button.

4. Now your Project’s Solution Explorer looks like below:

4-Create a Data Source in SSAS

5. Now right click on Data Sources and Select New Data Source.

5-Create a Data Source in SSAS

6. A Data Source Wizard opens, In that select checkbox of Don’t show this page again. Then click on Next Button.

6-Create a Data Source in SSAS

7. In next step, click on New Button.

7-Create a Data Source in SSAS

8. A Connection Manager dialog-box opens. In that Enter the Server Name and provide necessary credentials. Then select AdventureWorksDW2012 Database.

8-Create a Data Source in SSAS

Then click on OK button.

9. Now you will see screen like below.

9-Create a Data Source in SSAS

Now click on Next Button.

10. In next step, Impersonation Information page appears. On this page, you can configure the Windows security credentials.

  • Use A Specific Windows User name and Password option lets you enter user name & password of a Windows user account.
  • Use The Service Account option will have Analysis Services use its service logon user ID to connect to the data source.
  • Use The Credentials Of The Current User option is only used for some specialized circumstances. It is important to note that when you use this option, Analysis Services will not use the Windows user name and password of the current user for most processing and query tasks.
  • Inherit option causes this data source to use the impersonation information contained in the Analysis Services DataSourceImpersonationInfo database property.

The most commonly selected options are Use the service account or Use a specific windows user name and password.

10-Create a Data Source in SSAS

Here we select Use the service Account option and then click on Next button.

11. Leave AdventureWorksDW2012 as the data source name and click Finish to complete the wizard.

11-Create a Data Source in SSAS

12. Now you will see newly created data source in your Solution Explorer.

12-Create a Data Source in SSAS

Congratulations! We successfully created Data Source in SSAS.