Create Shared Data Source in SSRS

Create Shared Data Source in SSRS

A shared data source is a set of data source connection properties that can be referenced by multiple reports, models, and data-driven subscriptions that run on a Reporting Services report server. It provide an easy way to manage data source properties in our Report Project.

When we create a Data Source we can specify it as shared. In general rule you probably want to create Shared Data Sources. If a Data Source isn’t shared it just means that its definition is stored inside the report and it cannot be shared with another report and if Data Source is Shared it means that its definition is stored outside the report.

In this section we will create a Shared Data Source.

1.  After Creating Sql Server Report Project, Right-click on Shared Data Sources folder in your project and Click on Add New Data Source.

Create Shared Data Source in SSRS-1

2. A new window Shared Data Sources Properties pop-up as shown below. Give a name to your shared data source.
As our database is AdventureWorks, I am giving a name sdsAdventureWorks.
Create Shared Data Source in SSRS-2

3. Then select type of DataSource. Here we are going to Connect Sql Server database so we select Microsoft Sql Server. If you want to connect any other database then select that database from Drop Down List.

Create Shared Data Source in SSRS-3

4.  Then click on Edit button to the right. A new window Connection Properties pops-up.In this window give your sql server name, sql server credentials and select AdventureWorks Database.

Create Shared Data Source in SSRS-4

5.  Connection Properties Window will be different based upon your data source.Here you can also test your database connection. To check connection click on Test Connection Button in left bottom corner. If succeed than it will give below message.

Create Shared Data Source in SSRS-5

Then click on OK button of Test Results Window. After than click on OK button of Connection Properties Window.

6.  So now you can see the connection string in your Shared Data Source Properties Window.

Create Shared Data Source in SSRS-6

Now click on Ok button.

7.  So your new shared data source will be created under Shared Data Source folder in your project. You can create multiple shared data source in your project.

Create Shared Data Source in SSRS-7

Congratulations! Our Shared Data Source is created.