Data Bar in SSRS Report

Data Bar in SSRS Report

In this article, I will show you how to use Data Bar in SSRS Report.

1. First of all create table named as TopFootballPlayers in Database and insert some data as in following script. You will find the script on below link : (Step 1)

2. Now open Visual Studio 2010 and open your SSRS project. Then add report named as DemoDatabar in your project. Now create a Dataset. In the dataset, we will use following query :


3. Now right click on report area and go to Insert–>Table. Then select data fields as a column in table. After that your Report Design will look like below.

3-Data Bar in SSRS Report

4. Then right click on 3rd column and insert columns on right side.

4-Data Bar in SSRS Report

5. Now right click on 4th column and select Insert –> Data Bar.

5-Data Bar in SSRS Report

Alternatively you can also drag & drop Data Bar from Toolbox also.

5-Data Bar in SSRS Report-1


6. A Select Data Bar Type window opens. In that select Data Bar from Left Pane and then Select Bar as Shown in below screen. Then click on OK button.

6-Data Bar in SSRS Report

7. Now your report design looks like below :

7-Data Bar in SSRS Report

8. Now click on Data Bar & select International Goals as shown in below screen :

8-Data Bar in SSRS Report

9. So we have done with Data Bar in SSRS Report. To see the preview click on Preview Tab. You will see results like below :

9-Data Bar in SSRS Report

10. If you want to see Data Bar in Reverse Direction, It is very easy.Right click on Data Bar & Select Horizontal Axis Properties.

10-Data Bar in SSRS Report

11. In that Window Check checkbox of Reverse direction. Then click on OK button.

11-Data Bar in SSRS Report

12. To see the results click on preview tab,  You will see results like below :

12-Data Bar in SSRS Report

13. If you want to show data labels , right click on Data Bar & select Show Data Labels.

13-Data Bar in SSRS Report

14. Click on preview tab to see the results.

14-Data Bar in SSRS Report

Congratulations! We successfully completed Data Bar in SSRS Report.