Bar Chart Report in SSRS

Bar Chart Report in SSRS

1. First of all open Visual Studio 2010 and create blank report as described in my previous article. (Step 1 & 2)

Now your report design will look like below:

Bar Chart Report in SSRS-1

2. Now add data source and after that add data set as describe in my previous article. (Step 4 – 7)

In this report we used following query:

SELECT      C.FirstName + ' ' + C.LastName AS Employee, DATEPART(Year, SOH.OrderDate) AS OrderYear, 
            DATENAME(Month, SOH.OrderDate) AS OrderMonth, 
            PC.Name AS ProdCat, SUM(SOD.LineTotal)/1000 AS Sales
FROM        Sales.SalesOrderHeader SOH INNER JOIN
            Sales.SalesOrderDetail SOD ON SOH.SalesOrderID = SOD.SalesOrderID INNER JOIN
            Sales.SalesPerson SP ON SOH.SalesPersonID = SP.BusinessEntityID INNER JOIN
            HumanResources.Employee E ON SP.BusinessEntityID = E.BusinessEntityID INNER JOIN
            Person.Person C ON E.BusinessEntityID = C.BusinessEntityID INNER JOIN
            Production.Product P ON SOD.ProductID = P.ProductID INNER JOIN
            Production.ProductSubcategory PS ON P.ProductSubcategoryID = PS.ProductSubcategoryID INNER JOIN
            Production.ProductCategory PC ON PS.ProductCategoryID = PC.ProductCategoryID
WHERE       DATEPART(Year, SOH.OrderDate) = 2008
AND			DATEPART(Month, SOH.OrderDate) = 4
AND			Pc.Name = 'Bikes'
GROUP BY    C.FirstName + ' ' + C.LastName, DATEPART(Year, SOH.OrderDate),DATENAME(Month, SOH.OrderDate), PC.Name

3. Now right click on report area and go to Insert–> chart.

Bar Chart Report in SSRS-2

4. A Select Chart Type window pops-up.

In that select Bar from left pane and then select Stacked Bar as shown in below screen:

Bar Chart Report in SSRS-3

Then click on OK button.

5. Now your report design looks like below:

Bar Chart Report in SSRS-4

6. Now click on Chart Area. It will open Chart Data Pane.

Click on + sign in right side of Category Groups and select Employee from available fields.

Similarly click on + sign in right side of Values and select Sales.

So now your chard data window looks like below:

Bar Chart Report in SSRS-5

7. Now you can see report by clicking on Preview Tab.So your result looks like below:

Bar Chart Report in SSRS-6

You will be shocked why there are only 3 Names appearing.

8. To display all Names, right click on Vertical axis and select Vertical Axis Properties from the context menu.

Bar Chart Report in SSRS-7

9. A Vertical Axis Properties window pops-up.Now give 1 in Interval.

Bar Chart Report in SSRS-8

Now click on Ok.

10. Also give the name of Vertical Axis and Horizontal Axis. And add one text box above the chart area and give appropriate text. Now click on preview tab.

So now your result looks like below:

Bar Chart Report in SSRS-9

Congratulations! We successfully completed Bar Chart Report in SSRS.