Repeat Table Header on Each Page in SSRS

Repeat Table Header on Each Page in SSRS.

Currently I am working in one SSRS Tablix Report. In that report, I stuck up with the issue that is Table Header is not repeating on every page. I set the RepeatColumnHeaders property to True but it doesn’t make any effect on my report.

Solution :

In this scenario, we have to set the some properties of static member of the row groups.

To see the static members of the row groups of the tablix, select tablix and click on the small drop down arrow on the right side of the Row Groups/Columns Groups header. Then select Advanced Mode.

Please see below screenshot.

1-Repeat Table Header on Each Page in SSRS

Now you can see the static members of row groups. Now select 1st static member. After selecting 1st member, top left cell of the tablix will be selected in the report designer.

2-Repeat Table Header on Each Page in SSRS

Now press F4 or manually open property page. In that, set property RepeatOnNewPage to True. Also set KeepWithGroup property to After.

3-Repeat Table Header on Each Page in SSRS

Now run your report. You will see that your table header will repeat on every page of report.

If still issue is not solved then set FixedData property to True in property page of first static member in row group. It will reproduce table header on every page of report.

4-Repeat Table Header on Each Page in SSRS

Sometimes you don’t need to set all three properties, but it doesn’t do any harm so let’s set all three properties.

If you find any similar issue after setting this properties, let me know.

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18 thoughts on “Repeat Table Header on Each Page in SSRS

    • @Ken, the drop down menu is opened from the black down arrow on the far right of the “Row Groups” and “Column Groups” section in report builder. I was also confused, and I thought advanced mode was in the drop down for an individual column or row group.

  1. Struggling to get the properties window as shown – Using SRS SQL 2008 and Visual Studio 8.0 – Row Tablix properties are set to repeat on each page but data only displays on first page…………very frustrating……….should be more intuitive.

  2. Hi Bhushan,
    PO Invoice,i face same Page header problem,i set properties as u(i see ur blog) told,but i couldn’t
    get page details next page,i get only Fields of header not data,how can get that header data please help me.

  3. I have a similar issue and setting the above properties works EXCEPT when one field goes longer than an entire page. If that happens, go repeat on new page fields will actually be on the page at all. Headers or footer tablix rows do not print on the page which the long field starts.

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