Create Sql Server Report With Parameters

Create Sql Server Report With Parameters

1.  First of all create SSRS report project as describe in below link.

2.  Now in Report Data Window, right click the Dataset1 Entry. You will see the context menu as shown here:

Create SSRS Report With Parameters-1

3. In context menu, Select Query. You will see the Query Designer screen with the query built for this report while creating this report.
Create SSRS Report With Parameters-2

4. Now In the criteria pane, click the cell City and under Filter column type =@City.
So your query designer will look like below.
Create SSRS Report With Parameters-3

5. If you want to test the query then click on Run Button.Create SSRS Report With Parameters-4

6. It will Prompt Parameter Window. Give your parameter’s value over there.
Create SSRS Report With Parameters-5

7. When you click on ok button Results will shown in Results Pane.
Create SSRS Report With Parameters-6

8. After viewing the result set, click OK to exit the Query Designer window.

Now click on Report Preview tab.
Create SSRS Report With Parameters-7

9. Here you find input for City Parameter. Give Seattle in that text.
Create SSRS Report With Parameters-8

10. Now click on View Report Button.
It will give you results like below.
Create SSRS Report With Parameters-9

Congratulations! Our SSRS Report with Parameter is completed.