Deploy SSRS Report Server Project

Deploy SSRS Report Server Project

To deploy Report Server Project, please go through below steps:

1. Go to Report Service Configuration Manager then click on the Report Manager URL tab in order to get Report Server URL.

Deploy SSRS Report Server Project-1

2. Now click on the Report Manager URL. We will get a empty screen as below:

Deploy SSRS Report Server Project-2


3. Let us query catalog table of ReportServer Database.


It will show below output:

Deploy SSRS Report Server Project-3

When we design a report, Report Definition Language File (.rdl) is generated whcih is basically a XML file which contains all the information about our report. So when we deploy the report, the .rdl file gets inserted into the our Report Server Database.

4. . Now come back to our SSRS Project. Right Click the Project and click on properties.

Deploy SSRS Report Server Project-4-1

Alternatively we can also go from Project Menu.

Deploy SSRS Report Server Project-4-2


5. In both case we will be directed to Project’s Properties Page where we are going to insert our Target Server URL Which is our Report Server Web Service URL.

In my case it is like


Deploy SSRS Report Server Project-5

6. After click on OK, right click the Project and select Deploy from the context menu.

Deploy SSRS Report Server Project-6

7. If all fine we will receive Success Message.

Deploy SSRS Report Server Project-7

8. If here we query our Catalog table of Report Server database we will get results like following.


Deploy SSRS Report Server Project-8

Here we can see the entries of Our Project and Report.In above result Type 1 means Project and 2 means Report.

If you want to see the XML content, execute following query:


You will get results like following:

Deploy SSRS Report Server Project-9

9. Now let us see our report from the browser.Go to Report Manager URL and you will get a screen like below:

Deploy SSRS Report Server Project-10

10. Now click on StartSSRS and it will show the list of report.In our case it will show only 1 report which is PersonAddresDetails.

Deploy SSRS Report Server Project-11

11. Now Click on PersonAddresDetails Report and you will get following screen:

Deploy SSRS Report Server Project-12

Congratulations! Our First SSRS Project is successfully deployed.

3 thoughts on “Deploy SSRS Report Server Project

  1. Hi !

    As you explained that report will deploy on root , can you also show if i need to deploy in particular directory of report server please ?


  2. Hi
    I have a developer environment with SSDT and My SSRS project.

    How do I install the whole project with Shared Dataset, shared DataSource, Reports to another server, where doesn’t SSDT?

    P.s. I can’t connect to the server to the client, from my developer environment.

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