Create a Dimension in SSAS

In last 2 articles, we created Data Source and Data Source View for SSAS. You can find these articles on below link :

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In this article, I will show you how to Create a Dimension in SSAS.

Before starting this, let’s have a look on What is Dimension in SSAS?

Dimensions are business objects or entities which contains a list of attributes that describe the object (dimension itself) and they are usually derived from some code tables. These attributes appear as attribute hierarchies and can be organized into user-defined hierarchies, or can be defined as parent-child hierarchies based on columns in the underlying dimension table.

Go through below steps to Create a Dimension in SSAS.

1. First of all open Visual Studio 2010 and open any SSAS project

2. In solution explorer, right click on Dimensions and select New Dimension.

2-Create a Dimension in SSAS

3. A Dimension Wizard window opens. In that check Don’t show this page again and click on Next button.

3-Create a Dimension in SSAS

4. A Select Creation Method page appears. In that select Use an existing table. Then click on Next Button.

4-Create a Dimension in SSAS

5. Now a Specify Source Information page appears. In that first select Data Source View and then select Main Table. Here we select AdventureWorksDW2012 as Data Source View and DimProduct as Main Table. Make sure that ProductKey has been selected from the list of Name Column. Then click on Next Button.

5-Create a Dimension in SSAS

6. It will analyze the foreign key relationships in data source view and list related tables in next window. Here select DimProductSubcategory and DimProductCategory. Then click on Next Button.

6-Create a Dimension in SSAS

7. From the Available Attributes List, select English Product Name, Color, List Price, Size and Status. Also rename attributes if needed. So your screen should look like following.

7-Create a Dimension in SSAS

Then click on Next Button.

8. In next screen, you will see the summary of Dimension.Here give name of Dimension i.e. ProductDimension and then click on Finish button.

8-Create a Dimension in SSAS

9. Now your visual studio screen look like below screen shot :

9-Create a Dimension in SSAS

10. You can see newly created dimension under the Dimensions tab in Solution Explorer.

10-Create a Dimension in SSAS

Congratulations! We successfully created a Dimension in SSAS.